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a symposium on the Impact of the Dobbs Decision on the Workforce & Science


















2pm: Welcome and introductions

2:20pm: Aletha Akers

2:55pm: Jody Steinauer

3:35pm: Break

3:45pm: Presentations from RAISE pilot grant recipients

5pm: Reception





A Message to Our Community 

On the implications of the Overturn of Roe v. Wade 

The mission of FOCUS is to support the advancement and leadership of women in academic medicine and to promote education and research in women’s health and women's careers.


With the Dobbs decision, the Supreme Court has attacked this mission. The new reality is that people’s decisions about pregnancies, our health, our bodily control, our autonomy, are placed in hands of politicians and determined by zip code. This assault is primarily aimed at women, and the outcomes will be felt by all people who can become pregnant no matter how they identify, and those who love us.


Recent data suggests that a national ban on abortion will increase pregnancy-related mortality overall by 21% and increase pregnancy-related deaths among Black women by a third in the years following a national ban. Restricting abortion access does not eliminate abortion – it only makes it unsafe, increases morbidity and mortality, and perpetuates disparities. We stand with the unified response from scientific and medical organizations including the AAMC, AMA, AAP, NASEM and ACOG.


Questions and comments related to the response and preparation at the School and System levels can be posed to:


FOCUS has offered programming to process and prepare for the repercussions of this decision since the leak. Offerings have included a conversation with Dr. Alhambra Frarey, MD, MSHP and Denene Wambach, Esq titled, “Processing the SCOTUS Leak: Health care implications of the dissolution of Roe v Wade,” and a presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Howell, MD, MPP, “The US Maternal Healthcare Crisis.”  A recording of this year’s Special Juneteenth Lecture by Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley titled, “Reproductive Oppression Yesterday and Today and Why it Matters,” co-sponsored by FOCUS, can be viewed here.


We are planning additional events related to this outcome. Please communicate with us directly at FOCUS so that we know how to support you.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events


  • To support the advancement and leadership of women in academic medicine

  • To promote education and research in women’s health and women's careers

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